Another Christmas round-up

With Christmas getting ever closer on the horizon, we present another round-up of design-related festive goodies.

Season’s Tweetings

A book of tweets

First up is Ico Design’s rather wonderful ‘Tweetflakes’ book. The consultancy created a programme that took all the tweets from 25 December last year that used the hashtag ‘#xmas’ and turned them into typographic snowflakes.

‘My Mum’s leathered #xmas’

All 6651 Tweetflake illustrations have now collated in chronological order in a cloth-bound book. Ico creative director Steve Lloyd says, ‘My favourite is one of the first: 00:09:22 from @trampmusica “My mum’s leathered #xmas”.’

QRapping Paper

A Roll of QRistmas wrapping

Staying with the digital theme, The Chase has created this QRistmas wrapping paper, festooned with QR codes that each link through to a festive gift idea. The QR codes also act as pixels to form a large overall Christmas picture.

It’s Rudolf!


If you’re still looking for the perfect design-related Christmas present (and you haven’t already checked out earlier Christmas shopping round-up here) then you probably ought to head over to the Kemistry Gallery (43 Charlotte Road, London EC2), which will be hosting a selection of prints, ‘zines and books, perfect for a last-minute stocking-filler.

Swagger, by Dominic Owen
Swagger, by Dominic Owen

The Kristmas show, which runs until 22 December, features work from James Joyce, Daniel Eatock, Hvass & Hannibal and lots more.

Seasoned Greetings Cards


Ah, a lovely penguin

And if you still haven’t sent out your Christmas cards yet (and you’ve get a VERY dark sense of humour) then these tremendous Seasoned Greetings cards will be right up your street.

And ooh, a cute seal

Created by Mat Giles, the cards (you can get a set here) look rather sweet on the outide, with cutesy photos of animals and a Seasoned Greetings stamp, but open them up and you find recipes telling you how to cook your featured animal… Seal flipper pie anyone?

Yum Yum!

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