Fallon designers produce bookmark magazine

A bookmark, crammed with tiny poems, witticisms, illustrations and general literary ephemera, written perhaps by the very people who pick them up. Why has no one thought of it before?

Dog Ear front
Dog Ear front

Well now Fallon’s head of design Pete Lewis and its creative account planner Joe Hedinger have, spurred by the inspiration of a ‘a long thin magazine’ on a trip to Berlin, which Lewis says ‘was quite interesting but looked like a lot of effort.’

Dog Ear back
Dog Ear back

Lewis proposed  bookmark project Dog Ear, something ‘short and to the point – without thinking about it too much,’ he says.

Dog Ear
Dog Ear issue 001

The bookmark magazine is printed and folded to create 10 sides and Lewis says it is ‘designed within the limitations of cost and so it will fit inside a book. A bit of fun really.’

Submissions are made through the website www.dogear.co.uk/ and when 30 have been received, the top ten are printed. 

Dog Ear
Dog Ear in a book

Issue two is garnering contributions and will soon be found in stockists including Islington Central Library, Magma in Clerkenwell and Manchester, and Herne Hill Books.

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  • Ben Dolman November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Nice idea, but i’d make sure i’d have another bookmark to hand. Just incase I lost my place in the book while I was reading the magazine.

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