From blog to book

Bucking the publishing trend somewhat, blog Design Assembly has made the move from online to print – closing its website (formerly at and publishing a collection of its blog posts in a new book.


In fact Design Assembly founder Matt Judge has created three books – one giving an overview of the project, one featuring new material, and the third book acting as a printed archive of the three years of Design Assembly’s online incarnation – 148 posts, 904 comments and more than 2.5 million visits.

Although distinct in content, design and form, the books are joined together with the same binding, and also share a highlight colour palette of RGB.


A star-studded list of contributers includes Bruno Maag, Interbrand’s Chris Doyle (of the wonderful Identity Guidelines project, Miles Newlyn and Spin’s Tony Brook.


All the profits from the book are going to three charities, Cancer Research UK, Livestrong and WCRF International.

Judge says, ‘Spurred by losing my father to cancer last year, and the frightening statistic that one in three of us will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in our lifetime, I made the decision to donate the past three years of energy and effort to a greater cause – fighting cancer.’


For more on the project and to get a copy of the book, visit

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  • Karen Crane November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    They need to quickly change ‘occassion’ to correctly spelled ‘occasion’ on their website splash page.

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