Ian Rudge, Neville Brody and Ab Rogers work on new DX design event

UBM Built Environment’s Ian Rudge, co-founder of 100 % Design and Tent, is working with Neville Brody and Ab Rogers Design to create DX, a new design event and online platform that will debut in London in spring 2013.

UBM logo by Neville Brody's Research Studios

Brody’s DX logo

The branding for the event was designed by Neville Brody and Design Research Studio, which is creating the website in collaboration with All Of Us. Ab Rogers Design is responsible for exhibition design. Rudge was appointed as director of DX in February this year.

The annual event will focus on interiors, design and technology, featuring an interactive exhibition space and five DX Exclusive Commissions, a series of concepts created in collaboration with design and technology partners including architects Softroom.

Rudge says, ‘There is a need for a serious design event and May is a very good time. September’s very crowded, which is a healthy thing in one way but it’s quite fragmented and there can be some confusion. We wanted to rise above the other events with one that’s serious in its approach.’

Brody's DX branding image

Brody’s DX branding image

The website, DX-London.com will launch next month, and will feature an online industry network as well as editorial content ahead of the show’s debut.

Oliver Salway, Softroom director, says, ‘I am greatly looking forward to DX, especially working with the team to develop experiences that will look to address real issues.

‘Sustainability and technology are fusing to make new aesthetic values and this should be reflected in every aspect of DX, from the event space to the digital platform.’

Brody says, ‘The convergent evolution of design and technology are bringing a massive change to the way we create and interact with the spaces in which we live, work and play. DX will celebrate this new design attitude.’

DX will run from 19 – 21 May 2013 at London’s ExCel centre.

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    The ‘new design attitude’ is retro?

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