Landor brands Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has unveiled its new Landor-designed identity as it launches a call for nominations.

Flat graphic
Flat graphic

The consultancy was appointed last year as brand steward to the project and has since sought to define the purpose of the prize, create an identity and website and create a brand film and social media strategy.

The Queen Elizabeth prize for Engineering is an international accolade, which celebrates world-changing engineering advances.

3D identity
3D identity

The design challenge was ensuring broad appeal which would ‘resonate as strongly with the engineering establishment as with a 15-year-old girl considering her career options,’ according to Landor design director Matt Comboy.

A modular identity system will help facilitate ‘relevance across the board, across media and across borders,’ says Comboy.

David Marshall, Landor senior designer adds that ‘The identity as a flat graphic shows authority and will set well alongside high-level organisations.’

A 3D version of the identity has been designed with young people in mind, according to Marshall.

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering film
Still from Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering film

He says, ‘Engineering, especially in this country is seen as something for men in overcoats, covered in oil, holding cogs. Now it takes on the form of  anything from biomedicine to iPads or fabric and textile engineering.’

Marshall says a sense of possibility is conveyed as a ‘glowing box.’ This encourages people to ‘look deeper’ he adds, where ‘content comes rushing out – the energy and detail of engineering lives.’

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