Red Bee Media creates on-screen identity for Zee Cinema Hindi film channel

Red Bee has created a new on-screen identity and a series of idents for Hindi movie channel Zee cinema.

Surreal Ident

The consultancy was appointed to the project at the end of 2009 following an international creative pitch. The channel, which is aired in the UK, India and other Asia Pacific countries, went through a company-wide corporate brand-change halfway through the project, which was carried out in-house.

Romance Ident

Red Bee has created four idents so far, with each denoting a different themes or genre: Romance, Action, Surreal and Birds, which covers all other film types. The channel is aimed at a primarily male audience aged 25-30 years old.

Ian Wormleighton, Red Bee creative director, says, ‘We needed a simple idea as there’s so much in their library. The great movies are at the heart of it so we wanted the idents to be made up of the special stardust that makes the films great.’

Action Ident

Zee Cinema briefed Red Bee to create ideints that ‘should suggest some degree of latent energy, sophistication, and a bright, smart visual device’, according to Wormleighton.

He adds, ‘Everything is set in big landscapes – it’s playful, with a touch of magic.’

Birds Ident

The Birds ident is influenced by Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds; while the Action ident features shards of glass.

The new identity will launch in the UK and India in March, and Wormleighton says it is hoped Red Bee will create further idents for the channel in future.

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