Tate works with Bureau for Visual Affairs to launch new website

The Tate has launched a new website which has been designed by  Bureau for Visual Affairs and the organisation’s in-house team.

Tate site in Beta
Tate site in Beta

Bureau for Visual Affairs has already worked on microsite projects for the Tate brands Tate Channel, Tate Etc, and Intermedia art.

According to Bureau for Visual Affairs creative director Simon Piehl, the new site, which is currently in beta phase, will  eventually ‘do away with the need for the microsites.’

Piehl has led the front-end development and John Stack, head of online for Tate, has led the back-end development.

‘Previously they [the Tate] suffered from organic growth – and dictated by editorial requirements, the site grew for short term need,’ says Piehl.

The new site is based around ‘a modular structure which allows them to bring design and editorial into one conversation. Content and design can now support each other,’ says Piehl.

Visually the site will become ‘more impactful’ offering the ability to ‘change shape and form more often,’ he adds. 

A minimal look ‘will bring artwork to the forefront’ through a simple structure where ‘the design language supports the content,’ says Piehl.

According to a Tate spokeswoman, interactive functionality will be added to the site in a week’s time before a full launch in two weeks.

The beta site can be found here: http://beta.tate.org.uk/

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