Team Publishing designs Titanic stamps

Loewy Group consultancy Team Publishing has designed a sheet of commemorative Titanic stamps for the Royal Mail telling the story of the building, launching, sailing, and sinking of the Titanic.

Team Publishing designed Titanic stamps
Team Publishing-designed Titanic stamps

The consultancy, which worked with the Royal Mail last year on a set of commemorative Mary Rose stamps, was asked to ‘emphasise the positives’ through the design of the Titanic stamps, according to Team Publishing creative director Bob Wheller.

Team Publishing undertook a research project, talking to institutions including the Greenwich Maritime Museum, The Merseyside Maritime Museum and National Museums Northern Ireland.

‘The ship represents a time capsule and we’ve celebrated its building. It was made pre-World War One when Britain was at its strongest economically and Titanic represented luxury, the best of technology and furnishings, including swimming pools and oak paneled smoking rooms. The romance of the ship only adds to the tragedy,’ says Wheller.

Around 30 images were selected from image libraries and whittled down to ten. ‘We wanted to use an image of a life ring but couldn’t confirm it was from the Titanic,’ says Wheller.

The stamps launch on 10 April, the day RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton.  

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