Thinking outside the box about boxes

The aptly named,The Box, at Arbeit gallery in east London, is the culmination of the architect’s study of the six-sided shape.



The exhibition of prints, showing his considerations about actions that can be played out upon and modify the everyday cube, opens on Friday.



Martin says, ‘The cube is worked with a lot within architecture as a minimal form. You can play with the form; break it, cut it, act on it, to make more space and bring in light. I wanted to see how actions, that aren’t those of architecture, work on the cube.’



In doing so, Martin has created a graphic language of 200 boxes, each representing a verb in a tounge-in-cheek manner. Twenty will be on display at the event, reflecting actions of the likes of ‘to cultimate’, ‘to automate’, ‘to peel’ and ‘to crown’.



The Box will run from 13 January – 20 January at Arbeit, 4 Helmet Row, London EC1V






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