Webb deVlam creates brand identity for medical group NayaMed

Webb deVlam has developed a new brand identity for pacemaker and defibrillator maker NayaMed.


The consultancy was appointed to the project in May 2011 without a pitch due to an existing relationship with the client.

Webb deVlam says the new identity aims to dissociate itself from conventional medical-sector design, using an ‘iconic orange dot’ device and simple visual language to aid recognition and stand-out in hospital and surgery environments.

The branding is shown across all of NayaMed’s touch-points including packaging, digital and print as well as integrated RFID technology, for which the orange dot acts as an on-pack marker.

John-Paul Hunter, Webb deVlam’s creative director, says, ‘It’s a simple identity. In a hospital environment you’ve got to understand the pressures placed on the staff – it has to be quickly identifiable and effective. It’s really simple and modular to reflect NayaMed’s services.’

He adds, ‘In use, cardiologists and administrative staff appreciate the direct and uncomplicated visual language.’


The branding’s focal point, the orange dot device, is modified depending on the application, sometimes magnified as a stand alone device and elsewhere as a holder for information such as the website address of as a three-dimensional symbol in animation photography.

A sans serif typeface and modular font are used for the visual language, which is seen across ‘inspirational messages’ to give the brand an ‘approachable and accessible’ personality, according to the consultancy.

Webb deVlam also designed the brand identity for the RFID scanner as well as the transparent stand alone drawer unit to hold the NayaMed stock, lanyards and patient identification cards for hospital store-rooms.

Julia Stubben, Nayamed business development manager, says, ‘The famous orange dot was a starting point for all brand activities, however the simplicity and freshness of the concept have seeped into more than marketing materials—they have become the strength of our office culture, our approach to healthcare and everything that NayaMed represents.’


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