Condé Nast’s Nicholas Coleridge hits back at Love criticisms

Graphic design experts Mike Dempsey, Studio Dempsey founder, and Jeremy Leslie, John Brown executive creative director, said last week they thought it curious that Condé Nast had launched with a cover of a naked rock singer Beth Ditto, despite NME having put a naked Ditto on its cover in June 2007 (, 19 February). Coleridge tells Design Week, ‘I can see no possible resemblance between that NME cover – which reminded me of a Maxim cover – and the Love one, which is clearly aimed at a fashion audience.

‘The good news is that Love is selling like hot cakes to its sophisticated target group, and Condé Nast will continue to put bold memorable images on our front covers,’ Coleridge adds.

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  • David Blenkey November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    why are Dempsey and Leslie so curious about it? What’s the big deal? The two covers are visually and stylistically very different, so it’s hardly a rip-off.

    And what exactly is a ‘Graphic Design Expert’? How are they distinguished from someone who just knows a lot about it, or a highly experienced gaphic designer?

    The most puzzling thing in that article is the idea that a ‘sophisticated target group’ would be interested in reading about Lily Allen.

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