At first glance, the photographs of Aidan McNeill look like misty glimpses of the outer reaches of the solar system, similar to those take by the Hubble Telescope.

Aidan McNeil
by Aidan McNeil

In fact they are large-scale images of the shadows and light of a theatre stage, complete with prop tape, scratches and the lines of trap doors.

McNeill’s new photographic and video work, called Cast, launches at London’s Payne Shurvell gallery on 4 March. As well as these ethereal images, it will also feature Performance 349, a video installation recorded from the live feed of a Musical Director conducting the orchestra of a major West End Musical.

Aidan McNeil Cast
by Aidan McNeil

Instead of the music, the film is soundtracked with a stream of letters and numbers that signal the action of lighting and visual effects on stage.

A still from Performance 349

Aidan McNeill: Cast runs at Payne Shurvell, 16 Hewett Street (off Curtain Rd), London UK EC2A from 4 March – 2 April.

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