Sheridan & Co’s pop-up shop for Clarins

Sheridan & Co design consultancy has created a pop-up shop for Clarins cosmetics brand, which opens this week in London’s West End.

The consultancy began work on the project about a month ago, having worked with Clarins for more than 25 years.

Sheridan & Co was approached by Clarins to create a pre-launch promotion for its new Daily Energizers range.

Michael Sheridan, chief executive and founder of Sheridan & Co, says, ‘We created the pop-up concept so that people can engage with the brand and spread the word about it.’

The consultancy created a juice and coffee bar concept, using a ‘very restricted colour palette’ of peach, red, white and orange.

Sheridan adds, ‘We used a coffee cup graphic as the vehicle for the event. It’s a recognisable item that links into serving coffee and juice – it’s a relaxed, lounge feel. We had to sit within the brand identity and in this case the packaging parameters as well.’

A spokeswoman for Clarins, says, ‘This was very much a blue sky, spur of the moment project for us and Sheridan & Co not only gave it a home but has given real shape and form to our initial thoughts and ideas.’  

The pop-up shop will be open from 17 to 26 February.

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