Suisse brands IT company Tinder

Glasgow-based consultancy Suisse has created an identity for independent information technology company Tinder IT.

Suisse was appointed in November 2010 after it was approached by Tinder IT director Steven Gladstone.

The consultancy was briefed to create an identity that would appeal to Tinder’s target market, which is small- to medium-sized businesses that need IT advice, says Gladstone. 

The identity features the word ‘tinder’ split on to two decks, in a bold capitalised font.

On the company’s print communications the ‘nder’ part of the logo has been printed on the front of 80gsm stock, and the letters ‘IT’ have been printed on the back, so that from the front it completes the logo.

Suisse has used background imagery of cabling, systems and hardware to complement the bold logo, says Gray.

The consultancy has also created a Tinder Box as a marketing tool for Tinder, which includes information about the IT consultancy, how its works and its fees.

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