Hyphen Design and anthropology professor work on ‘hunter’ man-bag

Hyphen Design and Geoffrey Beattie, professor of anthropology at Manchester University, have worked on the design of the ‘hunter’ man-bag concept, for shopping comparison site Kelkoo.


Kelkoo describes the concept design as ‘the perfectly designed bag based on man’s psychological and physiological needs’.

Kelkoo adds that the design ‘is based on the commonly understood premise that the majority of modern male shopping behaviours are based on our ancestral hunting and gathering skills’.

The concept design integrates ‘Clearway’, a non-lethal military technology, which emits a high-frequency soundwave – out of normal human hearing range – which subconsciously encourages people to move out of the way of the wearer.

The bag also uses a sling design and is made from a lightweight nylon-carbon material.

Kelkoo says the bag’s utility strap ‘has a pocket for storing energy bars and drinks to ensure the man can maintain concentration and focus on the hunt’.

The concept design has been created by Hyphen and is based on Kelkoo’s research work with professor Beattie.

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