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Anyone who has worked with me will have realised that my desk is particularly tidy. Everything in its right place, not a pencil or paper clip out of position.

John Paul Hunter
John Paul Hunter

I’ve noticed the same thing at home too. In the little spare time that I have, I have been known to front a band and write music and I’m unable to do this without the place being tidy, the bathroom cleaned and a once over with the vacuum cleaner – not very rock and roll.

You might say that I have OCD but I prefer to call it ‘waiting in ambush’.

You see, I believe that ideas are around us all the time.The trick is in having the ability to catch them and for me to do this I have to have 100% focus and to tune out all of the other noise that’s going on in my life.

Then, and only then, am I in the zone, laying in wait for that magic moment when the rational (strategy, insights, research) can fuse with the irrational (emotion, left-field thinking).

Here’s the thing. The better my ambush preparation, the quicker I find it to catch the ideas.

John-Paul's desk
John-Paul’s desk

They say that you make your own luck but I think you need to put yourself in a place to invite luck in. In this case luck is coming up with the ideas that will elevate our clients’ products.

And besides, Scorsese, Dickens and Einstein are all in the OCD camp, so I’m in good company.

John Paul Hunter is creative director of Webb de Vlam

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  • Ted Leonhardt November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Well put, JP. I agree completely, but can’t seem to live up to your standards. Cheers!

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