Dazed & Confused no longer confused following relaunch

Dazed & Confused is rebranding as Dazed and repositioning with a new ‘clean, modern look’.

Dazed cover

The print magazine, which was a monthly, has been redesigned as a bimonthly, and launches on 27 February. The website will take its cue from this new look, with Dazed saying the title is aiming to reposition as ‘digital first’.

The magazine redesign has been handled in-house, led by art director Jenny Campbell-Colquhoun and creative director Chris Simmonds.

Campbell-Colquhoun says, ‘We are going for clean, modern look by simplifying the grid and structure. This allows space for more focus on imagery.’

Dazed says the new look is a ‘printed manifesto’ for Dazed Group, which also publishes AnOther and AnOther Man magazine.

Campbell-Colquhoun says, ‘This relaunch of Dazed is to consolidate the fact that we’re a fashion and digitally focused group, and all our titles reflect a different side of fashion and youth culture.

‘This update of Dazed is to create more of a cohesive mix with AnOther Man and AnOther as well as dazeddigital.com and anothermag.com

The magazine is re-launching with Scarlett Johansson on the cover with the headline Under The Skin – the title of her latest film – but also the new positioning of the magazine, according to Dazed, which says it is  ‘getting under the skin of the creative industries & unpacking the creative process’.

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