February 2014


Wearable tech for dogs

Wearable tech has long been flagged as a key innovation trend, but few could have predicted this latest development – wearable tech for dogs…

Marion Deuchars

Doing the Green Thing

To promote Earth Hour at the end of March, charities WWF-UK and Do The Green Thing have teamed up with Pentagram and ask a series of creatives to design a poster to promote sustainable living.

Helvetica Alpha Too by Sarah Milton

Where typography meets origami

Surface pattern designer Sarah Milton views typography through a very abstracted lens, by starting out with a typeface, which she then sets about tearing apart, before recalibrating it as something unrecognisably new.


Updating the First Things First manifesto for 2014

The First Things First manifesto was written by Ken Garland and published in 1964. Regarded as one of the most important pieces of writing in design, it rallied against a consumerist culture and aimed to radicalise designers. ‘We have reached a saturation point at which the high-pitched scream of consumer selling is no more than […]

Malika Favre illustrates using a Golden Ratio grid

Golden Meaning

After asking designers to tackle English literature, publisher GraphicDesign& has is now asking them to get mathematical with new release Golden Meaning.


Open IDEO launches international aid challenges

IDEO’s benevolent open innovation platform Open IDEO has teamed up with the Department for International Development to set up the Amplify programme, which is aiming to transform international aid through collaboration and human-centred design.

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