Negative space identity for Le Mans 24 Hour race

The Le Mans 24 Hour motor race has been rebranded with a negative space identity which is a device to show that the race takes place at day and night.

By Leroy Tremblot

This is represented by the contrasting light and dark shades of the logo. 

French consultancy Leroy Tremblot has designed the new identity which represents the flagship competition, Championship FIA World Endurance, and has been inspired by the brand values of the race – ‘innovation, popularity, performance and variety,’ according to Le Mans.

The race, which was established in 1923, has not been rebranded since 1978.

Leroy Tremblot has been working with race owners ACO since 2010, and has already redesigned the ACO identity and several of its other brands.

Associate director of development and communication Dominique Jubert says, ‘The logo needed to be simple and strong and we’ve drawn a sign with a specific illusion of night and day.’

The old logo featured the French word ‘heure’, meaning hour, and was ‘too French’ according to Jubert.

‘Now it says 24h and most people have a comprehension of what we want to say,’ says Jubert, who believes the new logo has more international appeal for Le Mans fans ‘all over the world.’

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