It is important to recognise in-house design products that go beyond an idea. While the Apples of the world dominate this sector, Dragon’s Den-type products should not go unnoticed. In 2009 the niche company Funnelly Enough came into the spotlight for its product, the Peezy.

This highly functional, aesthetically pleasing medical device was developed by Dr Vincent Forte in response to problems encountered by female patients when asked to deliver a mid-stream urine sample. Design engineer Maddison devised concepts for the U-duct and sponge mechanism which swells after 10ml of urine, allowing the mid-stream flow to be caught in a standard universal container.

The name alone has been praised by the Hot 50 panel as simple and fun. The Peezy is as easy to use as its name suggests, and received top billing as Best of Show at the Design Week Awards, also winning the industrial product design category.

It’s great to see design doing its job and being recognised by the NHS, which has shown interest in the Peezy, and other institutions. This sector can really benefit from good design.

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