As you drive along the A40 leading into Ealing, west London, four grass mounds dominate the horizon. The Northala Fields project is Europe’s largest example of land art, created by artist Peter Fink and architect Igor Marko, both partners at Form Associates, formerly Art to Architects.

The revolutionary park has recently won a number of major awards, including the UK Landscape Institute prize for best design. What is particularly inspiring about this site is the way the monumental mounds have been formed, using 65 000 lorry loads of material waste. This Green method of construction has generated its own income, caused no cost to the tax-payer, and became an ecological counter-balance to London developments. The site features lakes, play areas and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Fink is the instigator in creating dynamic land art that both inspires and looks at ways of improving an area. This type of urban design deserves to be acknowledged.

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