A&B Studio brands Love Live

A&B Studio has created a new identity for music curation and production company Love Live.

The consultancy was appointed in summer 2010 after Love Live saw its work for the music label Transgressive Records.

A&B Studio was briefed to create branding that succinctly explained what the company does. Love Live offers a service for brands and platforms, such as Blackberry, to curate, produce and record concerts, and then package, license and distribute the material and additional content.

The design strategy was to express the fluidity of the separate elements offered by Love Live to create an overall service, says A&B Studio creative partner Benji Wiedemann.

The logo features two versions of the letter ‘l’, one of which has been rotated to create a funnel shape. Words can be placed above and below the funnel shape to explain to potential clients what the company offers, such as ‘Love Live channelling music’ above the shape and ‘Connecting audiences’ below.

It was also important for the logo to be bold enough to scale down for use on CD packaging, and to layer over imagery from Love Live’s concerts, says Wiedemann.

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