Still waters run deep

Dutch rising star Pieke Bergmans will hold an exhibition of quirky and fluid glass pieces, called Still Waters Run Deep, at Amsterdam’s Art Affairs Gallery.

Bergmans’ describes her body of work as a ‘design virus’, echoing the fact that she switches between fields or mediums that pique her interest and inspire her curiousity. Whatever medium Begmans choses, she infects the objects, mutating them until they become unique, organic and often globular entities.

Her constant interest lies in manufacturing, whether it be her drooping light bulbs or moulded Reunion Vases, that resemble a stack of bowls or limpets clinging to each other.

by Pieke Bergmans
by Pieke Bergmans

Alice Rawsthorn, journalist and ex-director of the Design Museum summed up Bergmans’ appeal in a piece for The New York Times last year, ‘Craftsmanship plus improvisation equals imperfection plus (a dash of) mystery.

‘The rawness and irregularity that might have appeared ugly at another moment now seem beautiful because we’re surrounded by the ‘‘perfection’’ of computer-designed objects and digitally enhanced images.’

Still Waters Run Deep runs from 21 January – 26 February at Gallery Art Affairs, Veemkade 354, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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