Zip creates Aston Martin app

Zip Design has designed an Aston Martin Experience app for the luxury car manufacturer, which consultancy creative director Neil Bowen says will use phone technology in a completely new way.

Bowen says discussions with Aston Martin started in December 2009 and Zip worked with the Aston Martin automotive team and a programming company called User on the project. 

The app will be the second designed by Zip for the car company following the launch of Aston Martin Explore in December 2010.

Bowen says, ‘The Experience app will offer something unseen in automotive apps before,’ but is unable to reveal full details ahead of the launch. According to Bowen it will have practical in-car capabilities rather then being information focused.

He adds, ‘The Experience app offers more interaction than the Explore through its GPS features and things like the accelerometer.’

The accelerometer – a basic feature on the Explore app – allows users to simulate the engine rev of six Aston Martin models on the Experience app. Dashboard photographs show the dials of each which are animated and become audible when the phone is shaken.

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