Together designs photography prize book

Together Design is creating the book for the Prix Pictet photography prize, the shortlist for which was announced last night.

Twelve photographers, including Andreas Gursky, Nadav Kander and Darren Almond (whose Shan Shui Fullmoon image is pictured), are in the running for the award for photography highlighting environmental sustainability.

This year the theme is ‘earth’, and submissions include shots of the changing landscape and displaced communities of China’s Yangtze River, and evidence of the impact of oil production in the Niger Delta.

The book will be released when the winner is announced on 6 October.

The consultancy was appointed to create the book following its work last year to design the identity, publications and website for the inaugural Prix Pictet. Together also worked with digital consultancy The Web Kitchen on the website.

Emily Penny, brand planner at Together, says, ‘Last year we had to set a style that could be carried forward, as it’s important to build consistency so that the Prix Pictet can become a recognisable brand.’

She adds, ‘Creating a book this year was very much a curatorial piece of work – there are a huge number of photographs to deal with.’

The Prix Pictet is supported by Swiss bank Picte & Cie and carries a first prize of £60 000.

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