Breaking the Mould

Self modeled ‘jelly-mongers’ Bompas and Parr are putting the finishing touches to an installation on Selfridges’ roof  which will see it turned into a boating lake.

the bar
boating lake, presumably without infinity pool edge as shown

In a link up with the Oxford Street retailer and sweetener brand Truvia – which harvests its product from the South American Stevia plant – a ‘Voyage of Discovery’ has been forged with help from Studio Too Good.

Visitors can expect a vertiginous boating lake which leads to a bar serving tea, coffee and alcohol, all laced with this mysterious Truvia substance.

Also expect waterfalls, ship-wrecks and a field of thousands of Stevia plants. It’s a wonderfully conceived conceit and we’re all for it but the proof, like all Bompas and Parr designs, will be in the pudding.

For anyone not familiar with Bompas and Parr’s work, much of it to date has involved jelly architecture using rapid prototyping for clients including Lord Foster and Heston Blumenthal.

the bar

The slightly mind-bending rooftop journey references ‘the whole supply chain from field to table,’ says Bompas, who explains research by Sheffield University found ‘design environments enhance flavour experience.’

According to Bompas the piece will have a ‘historical resonance’ with the space ‘as they used to have a crazy golf course and rifle range up there.’

Voyage of Discovery will be installed from 21 – 24 July at Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, W1A

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  • Roger Fuller November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Did they get the job on the strength of these ‘illustrations’? Blimey!

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