July 2011 Online

High and Dry Print by Amy Aardvark

Design Pirates of Penzance

The idyllic Trereife House & Country Park near Penzance in Cornwall will be hosting this year’s Cornwall Design Fair, bringing design very much of the 21st Century into a beautiful

Table of heavy metals

Best of the Web

Our weekly round-up of interesting things we’ve seen on the web. Spotting and Jotting http://asiegeofherons.co.uk/workPlus.php?id=4 Birds and collective nouns are equally wonderful things – and this marriage of the two

Portrait by Harvey aged 10 Warwickshire Children the Arts

In Your Face

The face of Britain as seen through the eyes of its children might well be a sunny and optimistic one. Face Britain is looking to find the faces of five

Staute of liberty

What’s in the box?

Beer brand Beck’s has an illustrious history of working in the arts but its latest initiative is so ambitious it took Design Week a little while to get our heads

The Hour

Things We Like

Our weekly round-up of things we like on the Design Week news desk. Wobble & Squint’s Taken Away Wobble & Squint, also known as Errol Fernandes and Anne-Laure Franchette, are

Naked Noodle

Path brands Naked Noodle

Path has created the visual identity and packaging design for the new Symington’s-owned Naked Noodle brand, aiming to represent premium Asian food.

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