Voxpop – What was your most enjoyable client consultation process

Tangent Graphic consulted with professional athletes when developing its pictograms for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Which client consultation process have you found most enjoyable and why?

Ben Christie

‘I was once lucky enough to visit the Natural History Museum out of hours, consulting with one of the world’sleading expert on Charles Darwin. It was a rare opportunity to see such an incredible building eerily empty. And to sneak a peek at some hidden treasures “back-stage”. One of my favourite parts of the job is that we are employed to immerse ourselves in such a diverse range of subjects (it also comes in pretty handy for pub quizzes).’

Ben Christie, director, Magpie Studio

Michael Wolff

‘I’ve never thought of the people I work with as clients. I think   of them as people with whom I have common interests and, usually,   mutual respect and affection. I’ve been working with people running   a Russian company recently, which we’ve called “Pyjom”. It means   “Let’s Go”. Russians have had to endure decades of propaganda and   that’s meant there’s a healthy scepticism of the clichés of thinking and   solutions that our businesses produce. Questioning our assumptions   and challenging our experience is thoroughly enjoyable and it   enables creative originality.’

Michael Wolff, designer and creative advisor

David Kimpton

‘What stays with me is meeting the top brass of the Salvation Army to consult about their new international headquarters building graphics. Of the general’s council, they were ALL white haired, and invariably married to one of the other white-haired members (that’s how it works). It was like attending a WI meeting, but they were all absolutely charming and totally respected our expert opinion. And not a tambourine to be seen.’

David Kimpton, creative directive, Kimpton Creative

Bill Wallsgrove

‘The most fascinating project was some years ago. We creating a home decorative range for The Tate – a collection of paints, wallpapers and prints. My creative team met with curators at both Tate Britain and Tate Modern to understand more about the two galleries and art collections in more depth. I am a Tate member and so found this really rewarding, inspirational, great fun and truly insightful.’

Bill Wallsgrove, head of ideas, Brand Voice

Brian Webb

”We really like purple and that lettering with rainbow starbursts.” Consultation can be a double-edged sword, but a on a good day it can be a life-saver. I’ve never been able to walk into a meeting and say, “I thought this would look nice!” I need research and a rationale. Talking to people who make things is a joy, their enthusiasm spills over into the job. A recent project was for a new confectioners in Pimlico. Talking to chocolate-makers, tasting chocolates. Heaven.’

Brian Webb, designer, Webb & Webb Design

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