Mr B & Friends brands Greenergy fuel company

Bath-based consultancy Mr B & Friends has rebranded fuel provider Greenergy.


Initially founded as a provider of niche envinronmental fuels around 20 years ago, Greenergy now claims to provide more than 20 per cent of the UK fuel market.

Mr B & Friends was appointed directly to the rebrand project in December 2010, according to consultancy founder Simon Barbato. Mr B & Friends had previously developed a website for Greenergy sub-brand Bio Carbon Tracker.

Barbato says, ‘Following detailed stakeholder insight work, we identified that the single most powerful driver for Greenergy was efficiency. In everything they do, they aim to get more from less, to improve and to mitigate unneccessary overheads while driving up the service and value experience by the company.’

Barbato says Mr B & Friends initially worked to develop Greenergy’s existing brand, before both client and consultancy decided to work up a completely new brand, resulting in the ‘simple, clean and efficient’ identity.

Mr B & Friends creative director Steve Richardson says, ‘We created a bespoke logotype that positions Greenergy as a confident, straight-forward organisation, and an exciting visual identity system that articulates in words and images the efficient nature of their work.’

Alex Lewis, head of communications at Greenergy, says, ‘Our previous brand identity had served us very well for over a decade, but there was a strong feeling within the business that our brand needed a step-change.’

The new Greenergy website launches this week and Mr B & Friends is working on collateral including the company’s annual report, which is due to be published in August.

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