Bitcoin Foundation launches new look

The US-based Bitcoin Foundation, which aims to promote and standardise Bitcoin, is rolling out a new look.

The non-profit organisation is launching a new brand identity and website which it says has ‘a focus on the power of Bitcoin to unlock potential for global financial inclusion’.

The new identity ditches the previous orange and grey logo in favour of a white identity that uses negative space. The new look has been developed by US consultancy Whiteboard.

Eric Brown, co-founder of Whiteboard, says, ‘From a design perspective. The Bitcoin Foundation brought an interesting problem to our attention and that was to answer the question, how do we compel a diverse group of people, whether it be entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, teachers, writers, students, and so on, to pursue in understanding and appreciation for what is possible for Bitcoin?’

He adds, ‘Great brands reconcile complexity with simplicity. Our entire goal throughout this project was we hope to bring clarity in the Bitcoin Foundation brand so that all people have the opportunity to realise Bitcoin’s potential.’

The Bitcoin Foundation says the new website is designed to become ‘the stage for the buildout of effective affiliate and membership portals’.

Instead of creating original content, the Bitcoin Foundation says it will crowdsource material from other organisations such as and Xapo ‘who are already creating valuable community resources’.

Jon Matonis, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, says, ‘We had two main goals: build a dynamic communications platform that enables us to share Bitcoin’s world changing benefits so that anyone with any background could easily understand, and be a valuable resource hub for the Bitcoin community.’

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