Young and Norgate, Animate Bedside Unit

Fine Furniture

Next week sees the opening of Cheltenham’s Fine Furniture Fair, celebrating furniture design from up and coming designers.

Lucy Sparrow's Cornershop

The felt cornershop

In Lucy Sparrow’s Cornershop chocolate and sweets are stacked next to the shop counter, newspapers and magazines are displayed neatly and biscuits and drinks line the shelves.

The Materiality of a Natural Disaster, 2012, Hilda Hellstr+A^m. Photo Hilda Hellstr+A^m

Crafting Narrative

Sometimes, objects can tell a story just as well as words and pictures, as proved in the intriguing new Crafting Narrative show.


Behind the Mask

Mixing the beautiful and the sinister, Sasha Tugolukova’s Mask range of plate designs are intricate, delicate and rather dark.

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