Fivefootsix brands residential development One Eighty

Fivefootsix has named and branded One Eighty, a new residential rental development in Stratford, east London, offering a range of personal services.

The development is targeted at young professionals seeking long-term rentals and offers ‘a level of service and facilities akin to a hotel or members club’, according to Fivefootsix design director Tom Collins.

A strategic session helped Fivefootsix define the target market before a name was chosen which could appeal to this audience according to Collins, who says, ‘Once the chosen name was agreed we developed the brand look and feel, creating an identity that reflected this new attitude to renting – of choosing to rent as a lifestyle choice rather than because it’s the only affordable option.’

The name One Eighty – which is also the address – appealed to the client for its simplicity and because it resonates with the idea of hotels and members clubs, according to Collins.

The mark is an abstraction of ‘a checked box, or a cross’ which Collins says shows ‘people are opting in and choosing the lifestyle’.

A suite of pictograms indicate the services on offer which include cold storage for food deliveries, dry cleaning and apartment cleaning as well as ‘experimental facilities’ such as a residents’ cinema room with golf simulator and private function room for parties.

Fivefootsix has designed a website which One Eighty will use as its main marketing tool to showcase these services. The consultancy partnered with Header London on the build.

Collins says Fivefootsix worked with photographer Tara Darby to ‘capture the interesting people and places’ of the area, and looked to make the apartments ‘feel like a home’ and show what type of person might live there – ‘almost as if they had just left the room’.

Other brand applications include delivery notices, which continue the checklist theme, door hangers carrying the words ‘hang out’ in a bid to encourage community and wayfinding, which uses the graphic language established in the identity.

Parts of the interiors have also been influenced by the brand and Fivefootsix has designed soft furnishings like cushions, which can be found in the lobby.

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