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1. DesignStudio has created a new identity for Airbnb, which centres on a new ‘symbol of belonging’.

Imperial War Museum

Source: Nigel Young, Foster + Partners

2. The Imperial War Museum in London is set to reopen its doors following a six-month long, £40 million overhaul.

3. Fitch creative director Alasdair Lennox looks at how a rogue Luis Suárez bite sent his consultancy’s Adidas World Cup campaign viral.

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Dazzle Ship

Source: Getty Images

We love a good dazzle ship and now, after an absence of 100 years, there’s one on the River Thames.

Quote of the week

Bob Bateman

‘When the first issue of Design Week rolled off the press, we all travelled down with Bob to the printers in South Wales to watch this proud moment. Flushed with our success, we returned to our hotel and began drinking heavily into the night. At which point Bob leapt to his feet and announced, “Guys, we’ve launched a weekly. A weekly! You’ve got to produce another issue next week. And the week after…” We all meekly went to bed.’ Design Week launch editor Jeremy Myerson pays tribuite to art director Bob Bateman, who has died at the age of 62.

Our favourite website


Canadian agency 123W sings self-promotional songs on its website – and they’re actually quite good. (Spotted by Nick Asbury).

Design stories in the national press

TV channel logos could burn screens if they’re shown for too long, claims a broadcast expert in the NL Times.

The BBC looks at a new logo that French restaurants can use to show that they serve home-made food.

From Prince’s keytar to Bing Crosby’s sash window – the Guardian has a fascinating look at celebrity patents.

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