New look for Sunday Telegraph

The Sunday Telegraph is the latest weekend paper to undergo a revamp, with a fresh design launching this weekend.

Overseen by The Telegraph’s art director Nick Donaldson, the paper will sport a more cohesive layout of all sections, from sport to business.

‘It’s not a huge revamp, it’s mainly about the geography of the paper. We’ve changed the headline fonts and made the type used across the paper more uniform. The idea, really, is that you will be able to pick up any section of the paper and know it is The Sunday Telegraph that you’re reading,’ says Donaldson.

The masthead has also been redrawn, externally, by typographer Dave Farey, in a bid to condense and soften its current ‘Germanic’ style. The subtle change includes a tweak of the ‘A’ of the letter form.

Donaldson says it is the first time that the paper’s layout and design has been reconsidered in two and a half years.

‘It needed to freshen and tighten up. We hope to give the paper a slightly more upmarket feel with the business section packing more punch,’ he adds.

Last week, The Independent on Sunday unveiled a new format, devised by its in-house team, which sees the paper change from a multi-section publication to a single paper and magazine supplement.

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  • Brian McKeown November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I just love the Daily and Saturday Telegraph newspapers just do not get time to take the Sunday one. The design and layout is as good as you will get. The design and layout of the ads is good.The content mix and journalism style I like so much I buy no other papers, There is no agenda forced down ones throat, the treatment of the different religions and individuals is calm factual and courteous.I could praise each section in turn but I do not need to the same high standard thankfully applies to each one. The arts books music and Matt I just love. Some of the other papers note not newspapers i flick through just repel me their design and layout revolting as for the reporting and editorial – awful a shocking waste of trees. So well done the design production and editorial at the Telegraph keep it up- an Irish reader for over 7 years.

  • Jane Hadley November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Whilst I appreciate that you have to change formats from time to time I think what you have done to the Sunday paper is not good . I and I am sure many others used the Sunday TV supplement all week which I will not do with your new format . I used to enjoy your LIFE. Supplement which is now a big jumble and Alan Titchmarsh reduced to half a page – what a travesty ! As a Telegraph subscriber I am considering cancelling – by not purchasing Sundays it will almost compensate for the loss of the discount .

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