Mark Studio brands Join the Dots research agency

Mark Studio has created the branding for consumer research specialist Join the Dots, formerly known as Virtual Surveys.


Manchester-based Mark Studio created the name, identity and graphic applications for the company, which works with brands including O2, Nectar, British Gas and Homebase.

The consultancy was appointed about three months ago following a recommendation and a credentials presentation, according to creative director Mark Lester.

Lester says, ‘We aimed to create a simple identity with a flexible graphic device. We wanted to avoid referring to join the dots cliches, such as two dots with a line going between them.’

Mark Studio has worked on collateral including advertising, T-shirts, badges and other applications, and is also designing the Comley Report, produced by Join the Dots founder Peter Comley.

Join the Dots sales and marketing director Graeme Lawrence says, ‘The work we do and the range of techniques we utilise, from online insight communities and mobile surveys to website usability, means that we have one of the clearest pictures of the modern consumer available today.’

He adds, ‘Crucially, we also have the skills and experience needed to distil that information into clear, helpful knowledge and deliver it to our clients in memorable and engaging formats. Our new name had to reflect this fact – Join the Dots is what we do. It fits the bill perfectly.’

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