Cartoonists tell the story of WWI

A group of contemporary cartoonists, including Ralph Steadman, Posy Simmonds and Steve Bell, have created illustrations telling the story of the lead-up to the First World War, as part of a new exhibition.

Blank Cheque, by Peter Brookes
Blank Cheque, by Peter Brookes

Twelve leading cartoonists have been commissioned to create new works as part of the 1914 Day by Day show, which opens at The Cartoon Museum in London later this month as part of the 14-18 Now festival.

Editorial cartoonists such as the Guardian’s Bell and Peter Brookes from The Times are joined by graphic novelists such as Woodrow Phoenix and Jon McNaught.

The contributors present interpretations of events in the run-up to WWI’s breakout, including the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Archduke Ferdinand, by Steve Bell
Archduke Ferdinand, by Steve Bell

The exhibition will be accompanied by BBC Radio 4’s 1914: Day by Day series, which will run from June to August. It will broadcast every day between the anniversary of Franz Ferdinand’s killing and the first week of Britain entering the conflict.

1914 Day by Day is at The Cartoon Museum, 5 Little Russell Street, London WC1A, from 25 June-19 October.

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