SAS creates GSK’s annual report

SAS Design has designed the print and digital editions of pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline’s 2010 annual report.


The consultancy was appointed to work on GSK’s 2010 report following a similar print and digital project for the company last year.

For the digital version of the report, SAS Design was briefed to create a site that reflected GSK’s drive to be more transparent, says SAS Design creative director Al Baird.

The site, called The World of GSK, features a number of elements, such as a set of lungs and some test tubes, which are animated when the user hovers over them with their mouse. Some of the icons, such as a family, where shot by SAS Design in front of a green screen.

Users can engage the animated elements to click through to more information and video content relating to different areas of the business. SAS Design has also created a series of icons relating to the animated objects, providing an alternative way of navigating around the site.

Baird says, ‘We wanted to engage people and surprise people. GlaxoSmithKline has a reputation for being quite conservative, but we wanted to share some of the great stories around the business.’

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