Inspired – Gordon Reid (Middle Boop)

I guess, like most creatives, I’m inspired by different things every day.

Gordon Reid

As a young lad I was a massive cartoon fan, and certainly the eccentricities of the characters, and the vibrancy of the colours for any number of late-’80s to early-’90s shows really caught my attention. The same can be said for the crazy ’90s advertising for products like Muller Yoghurt and the surreal ‘Mr Soft’ Softmints advert. These have had a lasting effect in my subconscious, and have definitely played some small part in contributing to my style today.

These days though, my inspiration meanders down a very different path.

From growing up in an extremely remote village in Wiltshire, you would think I’d find inspiration from countryside or the great outdoors, but quite the opposite in fact. Having moved to London just under a year ago, I have to say the city inspires me so much… Is that too cheesy?

Well, anyway it does, and I find the best way to explore the city and exert that inspiration is running. I live and work in north London and aim to start at least a few days a week with a run. I am spoiled for choice in terms of locations – whether it’s Hampstead Heath or running uphill to Alexandra Palace. Wherever I go it usually results in getting helplessly lost and finding myself somewhere completely new. I find this such an effective way to clear the head, and when I do start work my mind feels so much more at ease when tackling a tricky brief.

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