TruVibe branding features ‘windows into a better world of you’

Family (and friends) has created the branding for US natural food brand TruVibe, with an identity that operates as a window into ‘a better world of you’.


The TruVibe range features organic foods such as hemp seeds and chia seeds.

Family (and friends) says the TruVibe brand is ‘focused on creating positive energy and building vibrant mind, body and spiritual health through great nourishment’.


The consultancy says the key challenge was to develop ‘bold and joyful’ branding as well as creating ‘genuine human connection and interaction on pack’.

Family (and friends) developed designs which use messages such as ‘do it now’ and ‘live your dreams’ with the typeface acting as a window for photographs.


Alex Durbridge, creative director at Family (and friends), says ‘The words act like windows into a “better world of you”, with big inspiring vistas full of light and colour.’

Family (and friends) also created the main TruVibe identity and off-pack graphics.


The first products to launch are a range of food pouches and further products will launch throughout the year.

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