Cyber-Duck creates company launch website

Digital consultancy Cyber-Duck has created a website which helps users set up their own company for client Wisteria, a practice of chartered accountants and tax advisers.


The Wisteria Formations website features an animated talking giraffe that guides visitors to the site through the set-up process.

Cyber-Duck started working on the website, which launches today, in January. The consultancy first started working with Wisteria in 2005, and launched the latest version of the company’s main website last summer.

Danny Bluestone, managing director of Cyber-Duck, says, ‘Simplicity is central to Wisteria Formations. Although complex design and development work went into creating the usability framework, from the user’s perspective it’s a seamless experience that takes the complexity out of forming a new company.’

Andrew Millet, senior partner of Wisteria, says Cyber-Duck has transformed ‘the potentially time-consuming, confusing and costly experience of setting up a new company into a user-friendly, simple and even fun process’.

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