Jack Morton works on Army recruitment campaign

Experiential marketing consultancy Jack Morton Worldwide has created elements of a recruitment campaign for the Army called Start Thinking Soldier.

Jack Morton’s work for the campaign involves the design of six pods housing five digital tasks which will test mental and physical fitness, leadership and teambuilding skills.

The tasks will include taking control of a Challenger II tank at night, defusing unexploded ordnance using a robot device, and piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle over enemy terrain.

Users will also be able to test a future weapons system with a 3D head-tracking targeting interface, and performance will be logged using a radio-frequency identification wrist band.

Jack Morton won the work, which is part of an overall marketing campaign featuring above-the-line and digital elements, following a five-way pitch managed by the Central Office of Information.

The experience will take place at 16 events across the UK, starting in June and running through to October. The events will target 16- to 21-year-olds, and attendees will include individuals who have already taken part in the online experience and who have received special invitations to the events.

Julian Pullan, EVP managing director, EMEA for Jack Morton Worldwide, says, ‘We are delighted to be part of the Start Thinking Soldier campaign – it is very exciting to have the opportunity to create experiences which truly connect with the target audience and give them a valuable insight into the Army’s many varied and critical roles.’

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  • Andy Myring: Designer & Creative Consultant November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Good stuff. Has to be the way forward, as the AFCO recruitment offices will ever only attract already committed individuals who are already open to the idea of joining up. This is a great way of connecting with both the general public and potential recruits in an accessible way. The challenge will be to make these environments flexible enough to adapt to the same audience, next time the “show comes to town”. A great start. Well done!

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