Michael Johnson and Wolfgang Weingart talk at St Bride event

Johnson Banks co-founder Michael Johnson and typographer Wolfgang Weingart will speak about a growing trend toward self-initiated design projects at this year’s St Bride Conference in London next week.

Friends of St Bride Library chairman Rob Banham says, ‘It’s interesting how designers are taking control of production and are driving projects themselves, rather than relying on a client.’

Johnson will advise freelance designers on how they can best initiate self-starting and self-promotion projects to make money when work is scarce. He will also pose the questions, ‘Can DIY replace the traditional push-me-pull-you of the client relationship?’ and ‘Are we at the beginning of a new age of craft-based cottage industries, or is it a false dawn?’

Self-taught typography designer Weingart will give a retrospective talk on the history of his work.

There will also be talks on fanzine production and a discussion led by It’s Nice That blog founders Alex Bec and Will Hudson, all under the DIY design theme.

Demonstrations will take place at the event where visitors can learn about businesses based on calligraphy, lettercutting and letterpress printing.

The two-day conference starts on 27 May at the St Bride Library, which specialises in printing and graphic arts, in London EC4.

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