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Self Employed by Alex Chinneck

Fighting fire with ice cream

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new exhibition from Alex Chinneck, opening on Thursday, has (as far as our poor untrained, screen-wearied eyes can see) very little to do with the gelato-wasting, probably

Artist Pam Hoggat the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair

To boot

If car boot fairs conjure up images of mouldy books, abandoned – and chewed – childhood lego and knick-knacks that even you’re great-gran wouldn’t stomach, then it might be time

Nils Jorgensen 004 copyright  Nils Jorgensen

Shooting the street

A man on horseback riding through New York City, voyeuristic CCTV views of unsuspecting bus riders, and a bull on a zebra crossing are just some of the bizarre and

Rehab Studio's Tim Rogers

After hours

What do breakdancing and modelling have to do with design? Before you come up with a long-winded philosophical answer, let me put you out of your misery. Both are activities

Charles Eames and Grayson Perry by Matt Blease

Making future design

In lieu of hindsight, serendipity, or the ability to bend space-time, you might do well to attend Making Future Design. The artists talk and panel discussion will look to answer

Chair by David Lynch. Beware the arm rests.

Twin seats

Earlier today we blogged about an opportunity to try your hand at creating surreal, weird film effects with a workshop at the Design Museum, held by Jotta and Intel. But

Some of the effects you'll be able to create

Lights, camera, action

Ever looked at the videos for, say Michel Jackson’s Thriller; or Bob Dylan’s litter-endorsing Subterranean Homesick Blues; or perhaps the Oz/KKK/foetal stylings of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box, and thought –

Print campaign for the exhibition

Information is currency

Freedom of information, privacy and the internet are three things that we’ve been hearing a lot about in the last few weeks. New exhibition Information is Currency, which opens at

Steven Barritt, Jonathan from the series Anachronisms, March 2009 from last year's exhibiton © Steven Barritt

Fresh faces

Young photographers keen on taking home a whole lot of glory should prick up their ears with the news that submissions for The Photographers’ Gallery’s Fresh Faced & Wild Eyed

Billie Holiday by Neal Fox

Modern saints

Illustrator Neal Fox, founder of Le Gun magazine and chronicler of the seamier side of life, has created a series of stained-glass tributes to a dissolute collection of latter-day saints.

Artwork from the 'zine

‘Zine in a day

Last weekend saw the first International Alternative Press Festival take place in London, bringing together a host of illustrators, independent publishers, ‘zine makers and comics fans. As well as stalls

Editor’s blog

If you thought 2010 was Neville Brody’s year, prepare to see a repeat performance by the exhuberant graphics star as plans for 2011 continue to unfold. The Anti Design Festival

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