Making future design

In lieu of hindsight, serendipity, or the ability to bend space-time, you might do well to attend Making Future Design.

The artists talk and panel discussion will look to answer how we design for the future in light of  the apparent blurring of the virtual and real in daily life, as technology and innovation advance relentlessly.

With ethical and social concern in mind,  one speaker will also look at speculative design and how it can be affective.

Speculative design, a relatively recent school of thought, stems largely from  the RCA design interaction course says Making Future Work project producer Matt Davenport.

James Auger, a senior lecturer on the course, will be talking about how to identify future challenges and mitigate their impact through speculative design.

Charles Eames and Grayson Perry by Matt Blease

Research and design group The Institute of Boundary Interactions, will present research in progress on what Davenport calls a ‘sticky data mobile phone device’, which running as an Android app finds wifi hot-spots and translates them into vibration – ‘physical haptic feedback.’

Music and art festival Future Everything’s Julian Tate will be talking about his experiences, and senior producer at Mudlark Richard Birkin will talk about the consultancy’s  latest project, for Derby Civic Data.

This is a visualisation of council data to engage the public, across for example, ‘news screens and public displays’ says Davenport.

Davenport says the project answers questions about ‘the contentious storage of data.’

Making Future Design takes place at Quad, Derby on 10 June and runs as  part of Making Future Work, led by Broadway Media Centre and funded by The Arts Council.

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