Dave brands In-deed conveyancing service

Branding consultancy Dave has created the identity for new conveyancing service In-deed.net, which allows customers to track the transference of property titles online.


Dave began working on the project in 2010 following a strategy-led pitch at the end of 2009.

The consultancy was briefed to create a name and identity for the company that is user-friendly and approachable, says Dave chief executive Dan Bobby.

The company’s name is a play on the legal term deed, but the prefix ‘in’ makes it upbeat and friendly, says Bobby.

He adds, ‘That sector can be very daunting for people, we wanted to make it simple and explain their process in overt stages rather than being hidden. It’s all about keeping people in the loop.’

The identity, which launches today, features the two parts of the name separated by an arrow, which has been used as a device throughout the websites for bullet points and to frame imagery.

The In-deed site follows the same pared-down look of the logo in an attempt to convey a ‘lightness of touch’ in tune with the company’s service, says Bobby.

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