Sherry creates music industry yearbook

Sherry has designed the 2011 Yearbook for the British Recorded Music Industry, the trade body that represents the UK recorded music business to unions, Government and other parties, and organises the Brit Awards.


The consultancy was appointed by the British Phonographic Industry for this year’s Yearbook in January, having presented creative proposals and costs. It has created the Yearbook, previously known as the Statistical Handbook, for the past six years.

Sherry designer Maria Rosberg says, ‘The book covers everything that happened in the music industry in a year. It’s a very long document so we were briefed to make it clean, clear and easy to navigate, and to bring the numbers alive.’

The book uses a predominantly red colour palette and ‘clean’ typeface. Sherry was also briefed to add emphasis and an individual look and feel to the Year in Digital section.

This year’s cover features album cover images for the first time, representing the major UK record labels that are members of the organisation. Rosberg adds, ‘This is the first year we did that – it’s a good time to refresh the look and feel, but it needed to fit in well with the previous years and be recognisable.’

The Yearbook launches this week.

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