A Bunch of Fives from The Designers Republic

The Designers Republic has produced a book which will never be published in the true sense.

Sian Thomas
A Bunch of Fives

A Bunch of Fives isn’t really a book about graphic design, but instead ‘a compilation of creative responses to the question “What does five mean to you?” from our friends, colleagues, like-minds, fellow travellers, and co-conspirators,’ according to TDR founder Ian Anderson.

Sian Thomas
Adrain Shaughnessy

In its infancy the book was mooted as a way of celebrating TDR 25 birthday, Anderson’s 50th and the 5th birthday of its client Evolutionprint.

Sian Thomas
Erik Spiekermann.

There in lies the five theme. Anderson, looking for ‘hopefully 25 responses’ ended up with over 100 responses.

Sian Thomas
Graham Wood

Contributers got back to Anderson on the understanding that the book was for promotion but not for profit.

Sian Thomas
Herbie Anderson/Ian Anderson/Jarvis Cocker

They include an impressive A-V of Adrian Shaughnessy to Vince Frost via David Bailey, Erik Spiekermann, Jarvis Cocker, Jon Burgerman, Kid Acne, Malcolm Garrett, Martyn Ware, Neville Brody, Paula Scher…

Sian Thomas
Jim Fry

Anderson says the book is ‘a random herding, happily flawed like the selection process.’

Sian Thomas
Sean Perkins

In its unapologetic approach to what is a rather broad question, a net has been cast over the great and good of design, (Anderson’s address book).

Sian Thomas
Sian Thomas

The book itself is beautifully designed and presented, as you’d expect from this lot, and the contributions are a pleasing mix of comedic rush jobs and lovingly crafted graphics.

Of the 500 copies printed 100 will go to the contributors, 100 to press and industry types, 100 will be sent to the TDR archive, 100 have gone to evolution print – leaving just 100 for sale, 50 of which will be signed and stamped.

Sian Thomas
Steve Beckett

Email disinfo@thedesignersrepublic.com for more info.

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  • Mark A Hopkins November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I’m a professor teaching graphic design I believe this book would be a perfect teaching tool
    Love to havecopyfir the class room

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