Bompas and Parr’s drive-through restaurant

Bompas and Parr has joined forces with Jason Bruges Studio to create a fast-food drive-through in the lobby of the Old Selfridges hotel on London’s Oxford Street.

Mercedes Drive Thru
Mercedes Drive Thru

The Mercedes Drive Thru project is part is hosted by the Avante Garde Diaries, a Mercedes Benz initiative that will ‘explore the car as a dining environment,’ according to Bompas and Parr’s Sam Bompas.

Bompas and Parr’s Harry Parr says, ‘We intend to explore the culinary implications of the car, serving a complex menu within a specially commissioned Jason Bruges Studio lighting artwork. The interaction of food, lighting and environment provides drivers and diners with a visceral and powerful experience.’

Bompas and Parr has designed the overall masterplan for this ludicrous but brilliant stunt which takes cars beneath Selfridges along a 40m stretch of polished marble.

After parking in a darkened box ‘walls of sound and light slam into you’ before your car nudges through louvered exit doors and is surrounded by a team of roller-girls, known as The Baconators, who take your order.

Diners seated in an adjoining revolving restaurant will watch this bit, so don’t stall, or run over hoola extraordinaire Marawa the Amazing.

1 to 50 plan
1 to 50 plan

All the while Bruges’ light responsive installation will be triggered in stages, set off by the continual movement of the car.

Bompas, who has embarked on what he calls a ‘fast food Odyssey’ will further control the eating environment of the car with help from New York based perfumer 1229, which has designed an in-car smell emitted from something resembling ‘a giant salami’ which releases the smell ‘of beautiful oils.’ Diners are encouraged to hang it from their rear-view mirror.

Food will be enjoyed with an in-car soundtrack, commissioned to composer Dom James – handed to each driver on a CD.

The Baconators have been styled in uniforms designed by Tour De Force, and the stunt, takes place during London Fashion Week.

‘The Mercedes Drive Thru will serve emotionally compelling food to time-poor fashionistas on the fly,’ according to Bompas who adds, ‘They don’t normally get a chance to pause for food but we can serve them in three minutes flat.’

Bompass and Parr
Bompas and Parr

The Mercedes Drive Thru will be open from 14-16 September between noon and 10pm (closing at 6pm on the 16th). It is situated at the north west corner of Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, W1A. You must bring your own car. Tickets will be available from noon on 3 September through There will also be walk-up tickets available to the revolving restaurant.

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