Build brands online design store Dsigndot

Build has created the branding and website for Dsigndot, a new online retailer for emerging and established designers.


The platform, which launches on Monday, will sell limited-edition and one-off pieces from international designers and artists, including a number of bespoke products by architects Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher, shoe designer Atalanta Weller, jewellery designer Alidra Alic, fashion designer Amit Aggarwal, and furniture designer Zhouijie Zhan.

Dsigndot logo

Dsigndot was established by architects and designers Swati Sharma, who previously worked at Zaha Hadid Architects, and Kevin McClellan. They brought in Build to create the branding and site in August 2012.


Sharma says, ‘We’ve known them for quite some time and always thought of them as being cutting edge. We wanted the site to be very visual and different to what people were used to.

‘We wanted it to look a bit underground and not that commercial, but it had to be easy to navigate. It had to be all about the products.’

The site is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet platforms. Build created a bespoke font for the logo, which uses a black and green colour palette that is reflected throughout the Dsigndot website.

Seoul Table by Zaha Hadid and partner and Patrik Schumacher

As well as offering a retail platform, the site will allow designers to submit their portfolios for consideration, and an editorial section will show interviews with designers and videos to illustrate the development of the designs.

Chair by Zhoujie Zhang

Every two or three months a new ‘pioneer’ designer will be chosen as the focus of the site, with Hadid taking the inaugural spot; while emerging designers will also be showcased.

Sharma says, ‘The essence of what we’re trying to do is make something that’s not the same as just going to a blog. We want it to be somewhere that people can discover really amazing design and new talent.’

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  • Peter Szabo November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The ‘under construction’ site looks the most awesome I’ve ever seen and it already has got a PR2; great job! I’m looking forward to see the cool stuff;)

  • Roy Ikoroha November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Good morning/afternoon there,

    As a architecture graduate (BA(Hons)) – I have set up my website as of August 2012 and do freelance design and photography.

    I love the look of Dsigndot and would be very interested to know how to get involved, and possibly including some of the work I have produced.

    Would be delighted to hear back.

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