Fabric works on designs for silver-based cosmetics brand

Fabric has designed the website and worked on new packaging for Argentum apothecary, a new range of cosmetics made with silver.

Argentum bag
Argentum packaging

The consultancy was brought in to work with the existing logo, illustrations and packaging designs, created by Argentum founder Joy Isaacs and 3D designer Chris Newcombe, with illustrations by Joe Wilson.

Isaacs felt that the elements needed to be united and made more coherent, and appointed Fabric in January this year through a recommendation by Newcombe.

Isaacs says, ‘The problem as that we had all these amazing illustrations and we wanted to turn them into a workable website and merge everything together. We had the look and feel, but we wanted to make it work together.’

Sam Gray, Fabric founder, was briefed to create a ‘world’ and website for the brand.

Argentum archetype cards
Argentum bag

The site uses a sea theme, with the user navigating under or above the water to move to different areas. It uses a monochrome colour palette and illustrations of swans, bottles and a moon icon, which changes depending on the real lunar cycle. An iPad version has also been created.

‘Creatively we took everything we had and took it to the next level’, says Isaacs. ‘The whole concept is based on the way you glide under the water.’

Argentum products are sold with one of series of 12 ‘archetype cards’, Tarot-like cards with illustrations of bird characters, such as the ‘sage’, represented with an owl, or the ‘lover’ shown as two swans’ necks forming a heart shape.

Argentum bag
Argentum archetype cards

The main product, the La potion infinite anti-age cream, is packaged in a solid black pot, with the logo shown in relief at the top.

Isaacs says, ‘The whole idea of [the look and feel] is that it’s unisex and works across the ages as something that van fit into anybody’s lives. It can be something completely emotional and romantic and very versatile, but it could also be modern and neat, or traditional.

‘The packaging is like a ying and yang – there’s a total juxtaposition of the outer shell and the inner shell; the black jar and the cream inside. It’s all about marrying two things.’

Argentum products are currently only sold online, and it’s hoped they will retail in shops in future.

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